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KeEP your home pest free

When you join Peak, you are apart of a team. We strive to give you the best service we can throughout the seasons. Learn about a variety of pests, how they could be affecting your home, and how Peak can help!

our process

1. Spot Treating

Pesticide is placed in a limited area where pests are likely to occur, such as cracks in the sidewalk, underside of equipment, turf, floors, and walls.

2. Honeycomb & Cobweb Removal

Spider webs and wasp nests are removed from the eaves. A protective barrier is also applied to stop pests from entering and prevent them from nesting in these areas again.

3. Window & Door Jams

An insecticide solution is placed around the door jams, windowsills, and moisture points.

4. Yard Granule

Yard granulation hits bugs at the source. This water-activated granular provides small continuous releases of a product for coverage between treatments.

5. Powerspray Barrier

A full perimeter spray will serve as a barrier between the outside pests and your home. These treatments are water-resistant and timed to provide year-round protection.

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