Box Elder Bug

What are boxelder bugs

These insects also share the fact that they regularly invade our homes during the colder months of the year to overwinter. In Utah, we have three different species of insects that spend most of their time outside living and feeding on specific trees using their piercing, sucking mouthparts. These are collectively known as boxelder bugs, but individually they are elm seed bugs, western conifer seed bugs, and proper boxelder bugs.

Elm Seed Bugs

Adult elm seed bugs have an oval shape, are winged, and have dark, rusty-red, and black coloration. They have an identifying black upside-down triangle between two rusty-red triangles on the back.

Western Conifer Seed Bugs

Western conifer seed bugs are brown and black, have a small, pointed head, square “shoulders,” and wings the length of their body.

Boxelder Bugs

Adult boxelder bugs are ½ inch in length and are black in color with red markings on their wings and behind their head. Boxelder bugs have an elongated, oval body with black coloration and a vibrant orange color outlining their wings.

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